About Us

Sol Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. is a specialist in wholesale trade of Mobile phones and tablets locally as well as internationally. We add value to the Brands and channel partners by liquidating their Excess and End-Of-Life (EOL) inventory from India as well as rest of the world.

Deep Market Knowledge

Referring to the years of mobile trading experience of Sol Group of Companies, Sol Mobiles Private Limited has gained superabundant market knowledge and has established itself as one of the major players in India.


Sol Mobiles Private Limited is one of the renowned leaders in Mobile phone Industry. It is known for its commitment, reliability and professionalism. The financial strength, compliance system, ethical business practice and infrastructure make us a trusted partner in the supply chain of our industry. These factors give us a great market advantage.


Over the past decade, Sol Mobiles Pvt. Ltd has built Goodwill of its own and has been awarded an SME 2 Rating (high credit worthiness) by CRISIL.


Since its inception, Sol Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. has achieved sustainable sales and revenue year-on-year. We have built the ability to procure or liquidate any mobile phone inventory in the shortest span because we share good relations with All Channel Partners.

About SolB2B

SolB2B.com is a unique Business to Business Online Trading Platform; a brain child of Sol Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, India.

SolB2B is a platform for Buyers and Sellers - interested in buying all Indian, Chinese and International Branded Mobile Phones including Slow Moving and / or Stuck Inventory and / or End Of Life (EOL) Inventory from 100 units to unlimited quantities at the most competitive prices.

This platform is created for Mobile Phone Brands, their National and Regional Distributors, Wholesalers, Semi-Wholesalers, Large Format Retailers & Online Sellers based across India.

In a nutshell, SolB2B will provide both buyers and sellers profitable opportunities online which in turn will assist them to enhance their efficiency, achieve huge sales and accumulate higher profits. It enables you to trade smart, not hard!