SOLB2B is “One Place with Limitless Inventory”,a part of Sol Mobiles Pvt Ltd, which is treated as a verified and trusted trade partner. "With stuck inventory your business is fuming where SolB2B makes it booming”.

Ever feel like selling / buying is way too complicated? In this article we break down the selling/buying process into four-step formula that anyone can follow.

  • 1. Registration (Click here for Demo)

    Register with SOLB2B in quick and easy steps. Create your trading account by submitting and uploading few documents. Once we have validated your documents, your account will be activated and you will be ready to trade.

  • 2. Post-Negotiate-Match (Click here for Demo)

    Once your account has been activated, you will be able to post your offers and requirements or respond to existing ones by putting up necessary details for the same. Once you have posted your offer / requirement, the expert team at SOLB2B will find the best match for your deal and you can negotiate to successfully close the deal.

  • 3. Finance (Click here for Demo)

    After having reached a price agreement on your offer / requirement, you may make payment or receive payment from SOLB2B on your bank account.

  • 4. Delivery (Click here for Demo)

    SOLB2B will then assist you in picking up or delivering goods from or at your doorstep for inspection and satisfaction.